Outsourcing Solution

Since 2008, We started our company as an outsourcing firm and still now, this is our main focus. We have done various of projects since then.

For now there are very few opportunity to work with us. But we are trying our level best to increase the scope.

Here is some our on going projects

Advertise Posting Service

We are doing this project since 2011 with great success. You are always welcome to join us in this project. There are two way to join us. But few things you need to know before. We need some tools on this project, that we need to buy from our sources. Yes you are correct. If you want to work on this project on your own you need to buy some tools or you can work with us, we will pay you some fixed salary. Let me explain you the two ways

1. Bought the tools on your own, work with us and take profit or loss. and
2. Work with us with a fixed salary. You dont have to worry about any loss. We will carry that for you.

For more info please contact us.